* Establishing a science-based company in the field of world's modern technology with a national viewpoint
* Trying to originate the technology in Iran and producing money from science
* Production of a wide range of nanotechnology products including more than 20 products
* The first producer of nano filters in Iran and Middle East
* Collaboration with universities and governmental/non-governmental institutes such as Esfahan University and Iran
   Pasteur Institute for carrying out experiments
* Having 5 patents and some more being investigated
* Achieving the title of best nano company in Iran in 2008
* Achieving first rank in National Sheykhbahai Entrepreneurship Festival in 2009
* Selected company in the first festival of top 100 brands of Esfahan province in 2010
* Cooperation with International NanoPac Companies
* Participating in numerous nanotechnology festivals and exhibitions and achieving superior ranks
* Holding different seminars in various cities related to nanotechnology
* Providing visits from factory and nano equipments for authorities,students and teachers
* Carrying out common project with Esfahan Municipality
* Achieving the position of trusty and known brand in the field of nanotechnology in Iran approved by Iran
   Nanotechnology Initiative Council
* Publishing books and national/international conference papers by Research and Development unit