NanoPac Persia Company (NPP) is honored to be among the pioneers in producing nanotechnology products in Iran and Middle East. This company was started in 2005,established in 2006 and began its exploitation and mass production in 2008. Taking advantage of talented human resources,patents,powerful R&D team and laboratorial and industrial facilities,the company has been able to achieve mass production of various nano products. NanoPac Persia is a member of International NanoPac Companies all over the world and has the monopoly in Middle East. Great companies such as SAMSUNG,LG,3M and ELECTROLUX are among NanoPac customers.
NanoPac Persia is the only producer of various nano filters in Iran and Region and is known as one of the superior companies in the field of nanotechnology. Using nano materials such as nano silver,nano carbon,nano titanium dioxide and nano copper,the company produces a wide range of nano products including different general and industrial filters,photocatalytic coating nano solutions,nano silver solutions,sprays,antibacterial socks and sheets,disinfecting gels,antimicrobial mask,air purifier unit,paint additive,and antibacterial masterbatch. Most of these products are supported by patents and/or certificates issued by Iran Pasteur Institute and Esfahan University.
Achieving the title of best nanotechnology company in Iran in 2008,first rank in National Sheykhbahai Entrepreneurship Festival in 2009 and best booth in several exhibitions are some of the company's honors.
Also NanoPac Persia has held conferences and exhibitions in different provinces and has played a small role in familiarizing a number of country's professionals like doctors,pharmacists and instructors as well as university and school students,teachers ... with nanotechnology and its products.